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Former Member
Mar 31, 2011 at 12:42 PM

Delta load from DSO to InfoCube only with 0RECORDMODE: After-image (blank)


Hi Gurus,

I have been searching for a simple explanation about how to make a delta load from data source-> DSO -> InfoCube over internet and have not found any clue.


The data source only send after image to DSO (0RECORDMODE is blank). I understand that in Change Log table consists the first record (with after-image) from the first request/data load. After second load occured the Change Log table consists the first & second record which overwrite the first record (setting in transformation already made from addition to overwrite).

Question: How to load this data to InfoCube, if in the InfoCube the first record still there (no overwrite modus allowed)?

I will be very grateful for any kind of answer and explanation.

Kindly regards