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Mar 31, 2011 at 07:27 AM

sybase device registration



we are at the beginning of evaluating the sybase unwired plattform and stuck in the following situation.

we created a MBO, deployed it to the supserver, generated the iOS code, included it in your app and now trying to connect to the server with the following settings:


ServerName: myServer.local (the sup is running in a VM)

ServerPortSetting: 5001

CompanyIDSetting: 0

UserNameSetting: supAdmin

ActivationCodeSettings: 123

URL Prefix: /tm?cid=%cid%

SCC- Device Registration:

Activation user name: supAdmin

Server name: myServer

Port: 5001

FarmID: 0

Activation Code: 123

For the connect we use the following code:

SUPConnectionProfile* cp = [iMAM_IMAMDB getSynchronizationProfile];
	[cp setDomainName:@"default"];
		// Set log level
	[MBOLogger setLogLevel:LOG_INFO];
	if (![iMAM_IMAMDB databaseExists]) {
		[iMAM_IMAMDB createDatabase]; 
	CallbackHandler* databaseCH = [CallbackHandler newInstance];
	[iMAM_IMAMDB registerCallbackHandler:databaseCH];
	[iMAM_IMAMDB startBackgroundSynchronization];
	NSInteger stat = [SUPMessageClient start];
	if (stat == kSUPMessageClientSuccess) {
		while([SUPMessageClient status] != STATUS_START_CONNECTED){
			[NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:0.2];
			NSLog(@"wait for connection to the sup server!");
		[iMAM_IMAMDB beginOnlineLogin:@"supAdmin" password:@"s3pAdmin"];
		while([iMAM_IMAMDB getOnlineLoginStatus].status == SUPLoginPending){
			[NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:0.2];
			NSLog(@"wait for connection to the sup server!");

the problem is, that we are currently not leaving the first while loop, means we do not get a connection to the supserver. In the scc i do not see any incoming requests of my device - "Activation still pending"

Any clue what causes this strange behaviour?

Are there any further sybase monitoring capabilities which helps me to get more information about this?

In general the sybase scc can be reached by the device, which means that that the tcp channel is open.

We are running on sybase 1.5.5 and iOS 4.2.

Looking forward to share my experiences with you here.