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Mar 31, 2011 at 05:36 AM

How to add the fields in line layout of F-03


Dear All,

I want to add 4 fields in the line layout of F-03.

Fields want to add:

Document header text- BKTXT

Amount in Local Currency u2013DMBTR

Amount in Second Local Currency-DMBE2

Amount in Document Currency u2013WRBTR

I know this we can add in the T.code O7Z4. But;

1) Field BKTXT is not in structure RFOPS, How to add this?

2) In se11 I could see fields DMBTR,DMBE2,WRBTR in Structure RFOPS but I could not see these fields in T.code:O7Z4. Why these fields are not showing in the field list of T.code : O7Z4.

Thanks in Advance.