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Mar 31, 2011 at 02:57 AM

Costing Run


Hello SAP Gurus,

We have 2 costing runs that are kicked off each month. XXXX which I run daily, and YYYY which I initiate only at period end.

I have a question regarding the costing run. Can anyone tell me how tax price 3 get updated when I run our XXXX costing run. I know I select for the costing run to populate tax price 3 but what I donu2019t know is where does it pull from. Also not all items are populated with the tax price 3 field with the costing run. Can you please let me know why?

Final question, the YYYY is the standard update costing run which is only done once a month, Can anyone tell the order in which the standard is populated. I know that it first looks as the planned price field, but can you tell me the next selections it goes through when the planned price field is not populated?