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Mar 30, 2011 at 04:05 PM

Two SAP SIDs on one host. Only one has problem calling


We have two SAP SIDs on the same host being setup.

Both have the same env setup & the same kernel (46D_EX2)

When running disp+work for SID1 it's no problem

When running disp+work for SID2 we get this error:

Wed Mar 30 11:57:33 2011

  • ERROR => DlLoadLib: shl_load /usr/sap/Q61/SYS/exe/run/ -> DLENOACCESS (2,No such file or directory) [dlux.c 229]

  • ERROR => Couldn't load library '/usr/sap/Q61/SYS/exe/run/'

[dbcon.c 3598]

/usr/lib/hpux64/ Unable to find library ''.

This is a call from kernel file to the ORACLE 10g client file' --- both as adm. The ORACLE client dirs are all owned by ora so both SIDs should be getting the same permissions... you ca LDD the kernel file on both kernels and get the same setup:

/usr/sap/Q61/SYS/exe/run/ => /oracle/client/10x_64/instantclient/ => /oracle/client/10x_64/instantclient/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/

/oracle/client/10x_64/instantclient/ => /oracle/client/10x_64/instantclient/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/ => /usr/lib/hpux64/

Anyone seen the same thing anywhere? I'm stumped for the mo as to why teh same disp+work will run for one SID and not the other. You'd think it was env setup but both are the same that I can see.