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Sep 30, 2004 at 04:35 PM

authschemes.xml for integrated Windows authentication in EP 6.0 SP7



today I tried to activate integrated Windows authentication for our EP 6.0 SP7 on SAP Web AS 6.40. First I've installed and tested the IisProxy. The IisProxy is running fine, and I can access the Portal directly through the IIS Server on Port 80. Then I've changed the Authentication Method of the IIS from anonymous access to Integrated Windows authentication. I've adapted the authschemes.xml to this according to the SAP EP 6.0 SP2 Security Guide:


When I try then to login to the Portal I get this Error Message:

Unknown message (ID = Ung├╝ltige Nulleingabe: Name)

In the the security.log I see the message "No user name provided.".

Does anyone have sucessfull configured integrated Windows authentication in EP 6.0?