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Mar 30, 2011 at 01:38 PM

EP: BP_ERP5ASS what is this relevant for / does it have dependencies?


Hi Experts,

since I've recently asked our basis Team to upgrade the Portal Components and BPs, we've stumbled upon this BP " BP_ERP5ASS". I tried to gather information about it too see what it's actually good for;The following is what I've concluded now, please verify I'm correct:

1. BP_ERP5ASS does not have a dependency on an XSS Java component unlike BP_ERP5ESS, BP_ERP5MSS and BP_ERP5COM which all have a corresponding JAVA component.

2. BP_ERP5ASS only implements the Administrator Self Service ROLE in Portal, it does nothing else considering Portal content.

3. BP_ERP5ASS has no dependencies whatsoever to any other Business Packages / Java Components / Portal Content, etc.

4. BP_ERP5ASS has merely the function to develope JAVA FPM Applications and such.

Final Question: In case I've never (knowingly) used this BP and (obviously) don't even really know what it is, can it be undeployed without dealing any damage/harm to anything else on the Portal? (yeah, sounds a little overcautious..)

It would be a shame to just "let it be" and have it eat memory although we might not really need it...

best regards, Lukas