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Mar 30, 2011 at 01:30 PM

Problems with parameter button in Crystal Report Server 2008


Dear all,

I have problems with parameter button in Crystal Report Server 2008.

when I created some parameters and groups in Crystal Report 2008, they showed both parameters in 'Parameter button' and group in 'Group button' on the left, so I can choose or type without clicking 'Refresh button' But when I added it to Crystal Report Server 2008 and I click parameter button , it doesn't show any parameter. Only click refresh button to choose them. On the other hand, for 'Group Tree' is ok. When go to Default Setting-> Parameter, all parameters are in 'Unused parameter' First time I think I had problems with my installation, but when I reinstalled it again, it was like before.

Could any one help me with this?

I appreciate looking forward to your reply