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Mar 30, 2011 at 01:22 PM

Backdating Actual PGI date



We have SAP's DSD (direct store delivery) application live. In the process, deliveries are made to stores by the driver. He returns to the depot and settles his route. It is at that time that the post goods issue (PGI) is performed for the deliveries. In most cases this is one or two days after the planned and actual date of delivery so that the Actual Post Goods Issue date in the system is too late.

For example:

- Sales order / delivery document - scheduled delivery date Monday

- driver picks up the product from the depot and makes delivery to customer on Monday

- driver returns to the depot on Wednesday and the route is settled

- delivery is post goods issued and system updates the delivery with an Actual Post Goods Issue date of Wednesday


1. Has anyone had experience in back-dating the PGI date (in the above example we would like to back-date Actual PGI date to Monday)?

2. What issues might this raise (e.g. posting in a closed period, etc.) and how would you overcome them?

3. Anything else to be aware of?

Much appreciated for your assistance.