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Mar 30, 2011 at 01:17 PM

Time Evaluation - Work Center Missing



I am receiving this error when time evaluation runs for an employee. The employee in question was processed originally with a hire date 3/19/2011 and subsequently the entry date was changed to 3/21/2011. This was after time evaluation was run for 3/19/2011 and 3/20/2011. The B2 cluster table ZES reflects this happening with entries of day 19 and 20 for period 3/2011.

It appears that anytime a retrocalculation is set to take place for this employee the error meesage "work center missing on 3/19/2011" is encountered. I tried updating the IT3 Earliest Retro Calculation date to be sometime after 3/21/2011, but the error continues to be hit. I believe it is because the B2 cluster has ZES entries dated 3/18/2011 and 3/19/2011. We cannot delete the cluster record for period 03/2011, What setting can I change to keep the recalculation from trying to create the WPBP based on the old entry and date and use the new entry date (3/21/2011) or a later date?

Thanks for your help.