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Mar 30, 2011 at 11:46 AM

How to display values and new char line (blank line)



In database, one field contains values followed by new character lines (blank lines) after blank lines there is no values. Finally, I would say the field contains values and blank lines. Every thing is fine in database.

In Crystal Reports the field is displaying only values. Need to display values and blank line.

User is asking after values new character lines (blank line) to be shown. They enter like that in an application. The user doubt is why report is not showing what they enter in the application.

In detail explanation, front end tool is ASP.NET and backend is SQL Server.

User enter some values in note field, after that they hit enter button in the same field, cursor will go next line...user may hit u2018enter buttonu2019 more than 5 times. So note field contain values and some blank lines which are created by after hitting enter button.

If user opens the application, they could see values plus blank lines in the note field.

They are fine with the application.

In Crystal Reports, the note field shows only values.

User is questioning that why we could not see in report we enter.

I checked in .Net application and SQL server database it is fine. It is displaying values and blank line.

Please help me out how to display values followed by blank lines in Crystal Reports - the way they enter in the application.

Thanks and Regards,

Manjunath N. Jogin