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Mar 29, 2011 at 08:11 PM

EPCM Proxy



I am trying to achieve eventing between 2 portal iviews using EPCMProxy.


First java iview opens another java iview in a new window using doNavigate.

[EPCM Code|] is attached here


Second java iview opens in new window performs actions and should return a value to the first java iview.

[EPCM Code|] is attached here


The first iview is opening the second iview, however the second iview is not passing back the value.

I have included the epcfproxy.js file and it is loading correctly as per HTTP watch.

There are no errors either.

Is it possible to pass values back from iview opened in new window back to the portal?

If yes what am I missing? If no any document to support it?