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Mar 29, 2011 at 06:04 PM

Error after evhot


hi everyone,

I've got a situation using an evhot.

when I open the form pointed by this evhot through the evhot, the system call me for a "permanent deletion of data" with the message:

"There could be some data in the marked sheet for its suppression" (it's a translation, don't really know how the exact message would be in english)

and when I use a macro it gets stucked in the following line:

ActiveWorkbook.Name.Add Name:="Mod1" ....

appearing the debugger.

but if I open the form from eTools it all works perfectly.

The company I work for asked me to remove that appearing message and of course make the debugging process disapear.

Weirdly, it just happen when I use Win2007 (Office 2007) but runs with no problem in WinXP (Office 2003)

It would be great if someone could solve it for me. Thanks.