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Mar 29, 2011 at 04:38 PM

Cache issue coming in Start Process for Employee iView under MSS



Navigate to MSS -> Team -> HCM Process and Forms -> Start Process for Employee

In Start Process for Employee iView, when I clicks on Refresh link at the bottom right of the table the Direct Reports got removed from the table (which is correct) but when I navigates to some other screen and comes back then again the previous data comes back. It seems to be cache level issue. Even I logs off and login the same data comes back which should not happen.

I have checked the forum [Team=>Personnel Developent=>Employee Search; and found it that Refesh property will work if I set the parameter of iview Cache Lifetime = -1 then it will disable the caching at all.

And I wants the same behaviour for Start Process for Employee iView. But I am not able to find the similar property in Start Process for Employee iView.

Anyone have an idea of What is the resolution for this issue?