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Mar 29, 2011 at 03:39 PM

Different PO output when PO is changed



I have a requirement, wherein when a new PO is created , then the PO should be output and transmitted via email.

But whenever there is a PO change, then the PO should be printed.

I thought of triggering two different message types for new PO and change PO.

For this, i created two different condition types ZNEW and ZPRN. For ZNEW, i have not maintained the option of change (2) in fine tuning. Whereas, for ZPRN (which should be triggered upon PO change), i have not maintained the option 1(new) in fine tuning.

I have maintained condition records accordingly.

Now, when ever i am changing the PO, then the print output (ZPRN) is getting triggered as desired.

But during new creation of PO, both the output types are getting triggered, which is not what i want.

When i create new PO, only message type ZNEW should trigger and when i change the PO only ZPRN should trigger.

Please help.