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Mar 29, 2011 at 09:28 AM

Which, any?, API supports creating and editing a report from


Hi, I'm very new (1 day) to BO but have been asked to provide a demo (I have 3 days) built on our app that shows a user being able to create and edit a report (btw - I am assuming that running and returning html of a report is easy enough)

I have access to info view and and open a report and click the edit button so I think use experience I'm looking for is that from our app the user can select a 'create report' button and then jumps into the report designer (BO) that the infoView\WebIntelliengece edit button shows.

I don't know if this is possible using the .net SKD's. The SDK documentation seems to hint at report editing functionality but I can't get a grip on whether this is actually possible.

I don't want to code up the editor myself, just jump into it from my site, without having to ask the user to logon - I could just provide a link to the BO server but this would be a different url and require a user login.

I've come accross 3 api's, I've been through these and still not clear :

Report Engine .net SDK

Web Services .net SDK

BO Enterprise .net SDK

I assume that there would need to be either a rich control that supports creating\editing or java applet served up by BO.

So looking for guideance on whether this is possible, if so what is best approach. If not possible, any alternatives that let me redirect to infoview without forcing a login...

Really appreciate help on this as its a sales demo to a potential client!! And apologies if this is the wrong forum - if so which should I post to.

Thanks, Ben.