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Former Member
Sep 29, 2004 at 11:00 AM

Sending IDOCs using JCo?


Hi All,

I am sending IDOCS to SAP using JCO IDOC Class Library.

This is precisely the code I am using to send the IDOC.

transactionID = client.createTID();

client.send(idoc, transactionID);


IDOC is sent successfully and I am left with the transaction id to trace the IDOC in SAP. In the table EDIDS, the transaction ID is not populated and I am not able to find the IDOC.

Is there anything wrong with my code? Do I have to do something else to populate the tid in the table EDIDS?

I am doing all this to find the status of the IDOC.

What about document number of an IDOC? Is it automatically assigned by SAP to the IDOC? OR Can I create an arbitrary document number and give it as doc number?

Thanks and Regards,

Vijaya Gopal.