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Background job not automatically poopulating Dependant Demand

Hi Users,

We've recently set up a POS & PA using the DP-BOM selection and characteristics, manually created PPM's and generated CVC's using the BOMS. All of this is set up fine in our SCM 7.0.

The background job has created the forecasts for the ouptput products but NOT the input product.

Now if I call up the parent material, and then choose to show the input products the dependant demand is generated. If I now return to the material with the dependant demand, it now shows the demand from the parent.

Or, if the forecast is genereated interactively, then the dependant demand is poopulated.

Is there an automated method to populate the dependant demand when using background jobs? I would like to think that we don't have to query every sales BOM parent in DP and drill into the input products to load the dependant demand?

Please let me know if there is an easier way to do this as part of the background processing.


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2 Answers

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    Mar 31, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    Hi Paul,

    I am not really sure what you trying to convey, can you please elaborate with an example ?

    Let me know what i understood from your description is correct or not....

    Suppose you have one PPM with Input Products and A and B, output as C. When you enter demand at C you can see dependent demands at A and B, but when you enter demands at A or B(which you can not do) you dont see independent demands at C? Or you want to further drill down the A and B PPMs, having Output as A and Input as D and E and you want to see the Dependent demand at D and E ??

    Let me know if i understood your doubt or scenario....



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Mani & Anand,

      1. Yes the KF semanticas are set up correctly. I have many BOM's set up that create the dependant demand on the child, but only using the interactive univariate forecast.

      2. Yes these are only single level BOM's.

      3. The TS consistency check is always run after BOM CVC is created.

      In the above example, if I inteactively execute the univariate forecast then the dependant demand does show on the child.

      But if I then create a background job (using a different FC profile to change the forecsat results) the job executes and changes the parent demand Z.

      But X & Y have NOT been updated from the background job if I look at then using DP.

      If I go back to the parent (Z) and show input in DP then the FC are updated.

      I've tested this again and again and still the same thing happens.

      It appears to me that the background job is missing a trigger to populate the dependant demand that is triggered interactively.

      Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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    Former Member
    May 11, 2011 at 04:45 AM

    After contacting SAP and applying service packs we were able to solve this problem.

    If you ever encounter this problem as well suggest that you apply the most up to date service packs.

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