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Dec 13, 2016 at 06:37 AM

SNP Planning - How to create a planning file entry for a new material ?


Dear experts,

we have following situation: a new material is being transfered from ERP into APO using the CIF interface. The material has stock=0 and no demand elements (Customer Orders) but a ReOrderPoint of 100 (for example). If we run SNP heuristics (incl. LLC determination beforehand) this material is not planned since the planning file entry is missing - but the requirement is to let SNP procure the 100 to fill up the ReOrder Point qty. This behaviour seems to be standard APO until the material gets:

* a planning relevant master data change in APO material master


* any type of demand change (stock increase or customer order flowing into APO from ERP

The next step is to try to create an artificial planning file entry (see tcode /SAPAPO/RRP_NETCH) during the CIF Inbound APO processing for completely new materials - does anyone know which function module / BADI / etc. we could use for this ?