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Mar 28, 2011 at 03:34 PM

Need of Change log deletion for a DSO, when DTP delta Init with Active Tabl



Thanks for your time, please help me with the following

Scenario: I have Cube1 being updated from DSO1 with DTP delta, for quite some time. As per new requirement, I would need to create new data mart such that Cube2 gets updated from DSO1.

In order to Configure the delta, I am Considering Following options, please let me know, which one is right one.

Note: DSO1 is in Overwrite Mode.

Create one DTP with update Mode "Delta" , and "Active Table". I knew Delta Changes are captured in change log, but my understanding is, when you execute the DTP for the First time, it fetches the records from Active Table. And from 2nd Run onwards the very "same DTP" without "any changes" get the records from change log, even if we choose "Active Table".

is my understanding is Right?

Do I have to consider deleting the change log, because DSO1 is in Production from quite some time which is in Overwrite mode?

Do I have to create a DTP with Delta and Active Table, run the dtp Once(Init), then choose "Change Log for subsequent runs explicitly

please help me with these. I have reviewed many sap help articles and sdn threads but none of them were helpful. all of them explains, difference b/w active table and change log table, also gives scenarios like use a full DTP and then 2nd DTP with Delta without Data transfer. I am not looking for that kind of details.

Appreciate any help, Thanks again

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