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Dec 13, 2016 at 06:18 AM

CK11N - Special Procurement - Stock Transfer - Updates both the plants



We have a Special Procurement Stock Transfer issue, wherein Costing Run executed for one plant ESPL updates the values in another plant - BEPL. Below is the setup:

OMD9 Config

Plant ESPL

Special Procurement Type: A1 - Stock Transfer source BEPL->dest ESPL

Procurement Type: F

Special Procurement: U

Plant: BEPL

Costing Variant > Transfer Control > Cross- Plant

Strategy Sequence = 4 Period Based Transfer.

The Valuation Variant is not plant specific.

Material Master for plant ESPL : MRP2 and Costing 1 updated with A1 in Special Procurement Field.

This is not happening with all the plants. This looks to be wierd because Costing Variant Settings are not plant specific so if the problem happens it should happen for all the plants and not to specific plants. Is there something additional I have missed checking in the configuration? Kindly advise.