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Mar 28, 2011 at 10:19 AM

Shifting time evaluation results to next month


Hi All,

We are using positive time evaluation, and we run time evaluation using a custom time schema every month.

Certain penalties are implied (As time wage types, through the custom schema) whenever employees clock-in late, clock-out early, or are absent without an excuse.

As per business requirements, when we run payroll, the mentioned penalties should reflect last monthu2019s results in terms of deductions. i.e. Deduction wagetypes should be carried over to next monthu2019s payroll results , whenever they are generated.

We are also using a custom payroll schema to reflect the same.

Our issue is, that the deductions which are being generated for this month's payroll , are being reflected in the same month accordingly, as per the standard process. Is there a way to shift the time wagetypes which are being generated by the current month's time evaluation results, to next month's payroll result ?