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Mar 28, 2011 at 06:22 AM

Flow type settings for Listed Derivatives


Hi experts,

Can anyone tell me the config (logic) of Flow type settings in Listed derivatives.

I want to post a purchase transaction in listed derivatives related to Future/option ( Product categary- 700/750)

1. I have created a flow type for Pourchase ( FT = 100),

We have maintained config data as below

Classification Structure characteristics

Flow Category 50 Purchase ( and for sale flow type - 51)

Calc. Category AA Inflow (generic) (auto generate).. ( for sale - SS)

2. Assign flow type to transaction type.

Product Type 060 Future - Gaurav

Transactn Type 100 Purchase

Flow Type 100 Purchase

Direction 0

Now i am goint to transaction FTR_CREATE or T15An. It is allowing ma a put Flow type in structure tab.

but if i change the setting of flow type ( Flow categary except 50 or 51) then it is not showing me the flow type in structure tab. or if i changed the direction in assign to transaction type except 0 then it also not showing me an flow type in structure tab.

My quetion is :

Experts please tell me the logic of these setting or what compbination we can use to get a flow type in structure tab.

is there any combination logic to get. this.


If i have maintained the same setting Flow categary 50 or Direction 0.Nowi m getting a purchase flow type in structure tab.

after that If i want to save my transaction then it is showing me an error "Business partner 12614 does not exist in role

TR0151". If you see the BP - 12614, then u will see that role (TR0151) has already assigned. But system still showing an error.

Please help..


Gaurav Gupta