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Mar 28, 2011 at 06:02 AM

MRP: Requirements getting summed up for a single date



We are encountering the following issue while running MRP.

- For a Finished Component MRP was run for the month of April

- We have given the daily plan for the Finished Component

- It was noticed that in the Plan Table - MD63, it could be observed that the daywise requirements are not reflected till the 25th of April.

- Instead all the Daywise requirements for the month of April have been summed up and is reflected on the 26th of April. For the remaining days of April, daywise requirements are reflected correctly

- Similar case has happened for the months of May and June and is reflected in MD04 also.

- MRP was run for 3 Plants out of which One of the Plants has this issue. Requirements have been generated for the other Two Plants correctly.

Can anyone tell us the reason behing this?.


R. Vijayakumar