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Mar 27, 2011 at 07:14 AM

SQLDBC version not upgraded after MaxDB upgrade 7.6.03 to


MaxDB used for ERP 6.0 system, database and Central (only) Instance on same host, has been upgraded from 7.6.03 build 009 to 7.7.06 Build 10 and then patched to build Both were successful according to logs. However, DB59 Connection Test still shows SQLDBC (Database Client) to be on version although DBMRFC and DBMCLI are on Also from ST04/DB50 when Tools > Database Studio is launched it starts Database Studio 7.6 and does not connect. Other patch levels:

DBMRFC Release

DBMCLI Release

Kernel Release 700_REL

Kernel Patch 236

DBSL Release 700.08

DBSL Patch 236

SQLDBC Runtime

O/S: SUSE Linux x64

Process followed to achieve above was from /instguides u2018GUIDE_MAX_UPG-UX-77-102.pdfu2019 and referenced notes. To try and resolve issue ran DBUPDATE.SH u2013client as per section 4.3 of the guide (although this should not have been necessary as DB and SAP instance are on same host. This gave message u2018cannot downgrade packageu2019. As per note 822239 I ran command 'sdbregview -l | grep -i SQLDBC' which came back with:

SQLDBC 77 /sapdb/programs 64 bit valid

SQLDBC /sapdb/programs 64 bit valid

SQLDBC 76 /sapdb/programs 64 bit valid

Which shows that there is an installed version of SQLDBC for but it is not being called by SAP. I looked at note 649814 to try to understand if I have further steps to action to complete the upgrade but it is not clear to me what I have to do. Note 822239 also said to check SQLDBC being used by SAP in SM50 Process > Trace > Display File, and there it also confirms 7.6 is being used:

Loading SQLDBC client runtime ...

SQLDBC SDK Version : SQLDBC.H 7.6.0 BUILD 002-121-083-965

SQLDBC Library Version : libSQLDBC 7.6.6 BUILD 016-123-239-726

SQLDBC client runtime is MaxDB CL 239726

SQLDBC supports new DECIMAL interface : 0

SQLDBC supports VARIABLE INPUT data : 1

SQLDBC supports keepAlive indicator : 0

INFO : SQLOPT= -I 0 -t 0 -S SAPR3

Try to connect (DEFAULT) on connection 0 ...

Attach to SAP DB : Kernel 7.7.07 Build 026-123-240-463

Database release is SAP DB


Now I'm connected to SAP DB

Can someone tell me what I have to do to complete the upgrade and bring SQLDBC up to version (or at least get SAP to use version which is already there) ?

Many Thanks,