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Mar 25, 2011 at 06:28 PM

Need to change report data source on reports in a copied universe


We are setting up a new testing environment. So I made a copy of our BO universe so we could have two different testing universes. I then created a copy of the data source database that will be used as the data source for the reports in the copied universe. The two different databases have the exact same tables, columns and indexes as the development database. The only difference will be the data inside the tables.

I now need to change the reports to use the new universe since the reports were written using the universe instead of using the database. I am not changing anything else in the reports. I just need them to run against a different Oracle database.

So I go into Crystal Reports version and open the report up. I then go into Database fields in Field Explorer to change the data source. I then go to the Set Datasource Location screen. I open up the universe label by clicking on the plus sign and I select the copied universe. When I do that, the Business Objects Query panel screen opens up. Because I have switched universes, Crystal Reports wants me to reselect the columns and rebuild the query.

We have over three thousand reports so we are trying to avoid rebuilding them. I am looking for a better way to change what database a report runs against.

Note: All of the reports will be run ion demand. Nothing will be scheduled.

Any suggestions and information will be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone run into this? What was your solution to this problem?