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Mar 25, 2011 at 02:16 PM

Pricing not working correctly


Hello All,

I have a very strange pricing issue.

We create claim through BAPI and pass the the pricing information as a table to the BAPI.

There is a condition type Proration (ZPR1) that is one of the condition type in claim pricing procedure..

The value of ZPR1 is sent manually . BUt the value remains zero.

When i try to change the claim , it retieves the manually entered proration value and adds it to the claim pricing.

To sum it up : the condition value is zero when i create the claim ,when i want to change the claim in edit mode it

adds the manually entered condition value to claim pricing on its own.

Please Help.

Is there any setting in condition type ZPR1 that i need to check ?? or something else?