Timeout error when try connect to CONCUR Web Service.

Dec 13, 2016 at 04:40 AM


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Hi Experts.

I'm trying to connect to CONCUR from HCI and i'm receiving an a "timeout error". In a first step, using SoapUI, the connection works fine, and the only HEADER that i need to pass is Authorization with the value "OAuth {token}".

Doing the same process in HCI and using SoapUI to test the interface, the monitor is reporting the error:

In HCI i'm assigned the values of the HEADER using a script (groovy) with the next lines:

  def target_access_token = "OAuth {token}]";
  def content_type = "application/xml";
  message.setHeader("Content-Type", content_type + "; charset=utf-8" );
  message.setHeader("Authorization", target_access_token);
  return message;
// {token} is the same value that was passed in the SoapUI

With other clouds that don't have OAuth authorization this process works fine; this mean, than passing the HEADERs values, the GET event from REST Web Service response correctly and returns the expected data.

Does anyone have an idea if i'm missing something?

I'll check the CONCUR package but the script uses similar logic than didn't work.

I'll appreciate all your support or ideas you have.


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