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Problem in changing movement type in MIGO


While changing movement type from 104 to any one like 101, 103, 105, 511 in MIGO screen.

System give me msg

Change of movement type 104 to 105 not possible

Message no. MIGO 044


Change Goods receipt blocked stock indicator is not allowed.


Make sure your entries are correct.


Pardeep malik

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Mar 25, 2011 at 05:01 AM


    103 Mtyp is for GR to GR Blocked Stock 104 Mtyp Reversal of 103.

    Mtyp 104 has sames effect as MvTye 102



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    Former Member
    Mar 25, 2011 at 05:04 AM

    if you have already posted material doc , then system will not allow to change the movement type

    you have to reverse the same

    Narendra C

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    • if your posting are happening ok from MB01, MB1A etc when you change the movement type and the issue is only while using MIGO, you can set the message MIGO 044 to warning or even discard from the list in OMCQ

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    Former Member
    Mar 25, 2011 at 06:21 AM

    are you trying to change the movement type after giving the data in MIGO like PO number etc.

    It seems you have set the detfault value as 104 in MIGO transaction code and due to which you are not able to change it ,Please check the SAP note mentioned under to understand the solution.

    Note 317823 - MIGO: Movement type 103 (goods receipt blockd stck)


    You use Transaction MIGO to post a goods receipt for the purchase order.

    You maintained movement type 101 (goods receipt in unrestricted use stock) as default value for a goods receipt for a purchase order. Now, on both the tab page 'Wk' and the table control you can change the movement type to 103 (GR into blocked stck). Because of this, errors such as for example, the batch, the date of production of the batch ,... (which have already been entered for movement type 101) are also copied to movement type 103 and stored in the material document. However, these are not taken into account when the blocked stock is released.

    Note that the posted quantity is not yet managed in stock during the goods receipt into the goods receipt blocked stock but only the purchase order history is updated. Therefore no information on the batch can be taken into account for movement type 103. See also the online help 'Goods Receipt for Order'.

    Additional key words


    Cause and prerequisites

    The problem is caused by a program error.


    1. With Transaction SE91, create message number 044 for message class MIGO. Enter text 'Change of movement type &1 to &2 not possible' as as message short text. Save the short text.

    2. Maintain the long text of the message. Press pushbutton 'Long text'. Enter the following text unter 'Cause' 'Change &V3& not allowed'.

    To enter text &V3&go to menu 'Edit -> Comman -> Insert command...'. Under 'Symbols' enter string &V3&and press Enter. Note that string &V3&is now deactived in the long text.

    Save and activate the long text.

    3. With Transaction SE38 (program SAPLMIGO) create text element 020 'Goods receipt blocked stock indicator'. For this, use menu 'Goto -> Text elements -> Text symbols'. Save and activate the text element.

    4. Implement the attached corrections in your system.

    5. Now, the system does no longer allow a movement type change from 101 to 103 and vice versa.

    Header Data

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