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Mar 24, 2011 at 05:51 PM

DIP profile not working with aumated project created from sales contract


Dear All,

I am facing a very severe problem in my project. I am using DIP profile to bill exps from the project. Now the problem is in my project i am creating project automatically on saving on sales contract via assembly procssing functionality.

Now after testing of DIP i found when i am creating the project and contract manually and assigning the wbs to contract, in this situation DIP is working perfectly for me and i can bill the exps from the projct.

Now in second case which is to implemented as per client requirement, when i am creating the project automatically from sales contract via assembly processing. The moment i book some exps and run DP91 system gives error message " No expenditure item found ".

Please help me in this. Feel free to revert back in case of any further clarification.


Abhishek Sinha