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Mar 24, 2011 at 03:20 PM



Hi everyone,

I've been trying to use this standard document category to manage Laboratory Findings.

You import the corresponding BC set, create the L document type and the corresponding document category appears but it is not active, so... you can't use it.

Now you end up creating a new custom document category and may be use some of the N2LABOR structures that also sometimes they don't have the descriptions of the fields, so again you have to create a lot of things. For the values it uses an string so it's very difficult to let someone only enter a decimal number, I created a new Doc element for this.

This new document uses its own tables, not the "standard" N2LABOR.

I'm really missing the point of using the N2LABOR even as a template. Also there is not a good print form for it. When you create a new document category you can't even use the standard table.

As a summary, I had to create a new category almost from scratch also designing the Smartform to go with it along with the new Y* tables automatically created.

Does anyone have experience with the N2LABOR using it as is? The standard documentation doesn't seem to help.

What if I want to use it to create Lab documents from an interface? BAPIs for this?