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Mar 24, 2011 at 01:49 PM

PY-CH:withholding tax accounting electronically canton Vaud


Hi Team,

Transaction :PC00_M02_LQST0 Program :RPLQSTC0

For canton Vaud in order to send the withholding tax accounting

electronically useing new procedure EMP-ACI. From the SAP notes we have

underdtood that we need to do the below changes.

Sapnote_0001511697 :

To be able to correctly report the withholding tax bases and

withholding tax base amounts for retroactive changes for the correction

list, the inflow principle ("execution principle") of the withholding

tax of the payroll for the canton of Vaud must be deactivated. These

correction lists

were part of the certification.

Deactivation of the inflow principle

If you want to use the certified report, you have to make a change to

the payroll to be able to generate an accurate correction list for

retroactive accountings. For the canton of Vaud, the inflow mechanism

("execution principle") must be deactivated.

As described in Note 147321 ( July, 2000 ), change the personnel

calculation rule CHZ5 for the canton of Vaud (not the canton of Zug

(ZG)) or insert a copy of the personnel calculation rule CHZ5 in the

schema CHUB and change the personnel calculation rule to your customer

namespace as described.

issue Details:

1) With regard to Deactivation of the inflow principle:

When we see the CHZ5 rule in our system ( please refer to attachment )

it is not as described in Note 147321. There is no variable argument

for canton ZG. Please advise do we need to correct the rule?

As advised in note we will copy the CHZ5 rule to another custom rule

and place it in schema CHUB and We understand that PC 69 specification

3 is for "Withholding tax incoming wage type". Since our system CHZ5

rule is not as per Canton based we are not sure how the changes has to

be implemented for canton of Vaud in that rule.

please provide us the Table form of the rule for canton of Vaud? And

advise the changes to be done with regard to canton Vaud for the