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Mar 24, 2011 at 03:40 AM

Error while testing SD cycle (Release to Accounting)


Prof.segment for prim.cost elements not advisable for costing-based CO-PA

Message no. KI183


You posted to a profitability segment for primary cost element 42031053. However, only costing-based profitability analysis is active in your controlling area. For primary cost elements (cost element category 01) postings from SD (billing documents) are not updated in costing-based profitability analysis. In Cost Element Accounting (CO-OM) the posting is updated only on a reconciliation object.

Posting to a profitability segment therefore is of no use.


Change the account assignment of the sales document. Enter a different true account assignment (e.g. internal order, cost center, project...) in place of the profitability segment.

Alternative procedure:

In Customizing, you can switch this message off, or change the message category.

u2022 If you switch off the message, or change it to an information or warning message, the system deletes the account assignment for the profitability segment. This can have a number of consequences:

o If no other account assignment object is specified, the system displays the error message KI235 or KI248.

o If another, true account assignment object (such as a cost center or sales order) is specified, this object is updated in Cost Element Accounting.

u2022 If the account assignment of the profitability segment without a corresponding posting in CO-PA is acceptable, change the message type of message KI183 to "A".

In this instance, message type "A" does not lead to the normal cancellation message, but is used in this case to recreate the program logic as it existed in previous Releases (up to 4.5B). Under "A", the account assignment of the profitability segment is not deleted and no error message is displayed.

As described above, the posting in Cost Element Accounting is updated on one reconciliation object only.

Procedure for System Administration

To change the message type for message KI183: see the General Controlling section of the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Change Message Control (work area "KI", message number "183").

Please assist on the same.