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Mar 24, 2011 at 12:44 AM

Production date in inbound delivery in batch split



I have a issue with production date update in inbound delivery.

I have created a inbound delivery for 10 PC. The inbound delivery has only one line item and there are no batch details on it. As soon as the inbound delivery is created a message is sent to the 3PL . Once the 3PL receives the goods from vendor he send us a message with the batch details. Say the 3PL has received multiple batches from the vendor. So he send us back an SHPCON message with multiple batch details. That is batch A with QTY 6 and batch B with QTY 4. He also send us the production date for each batch via the shpcon idoc. say batch A has production date as 10.02.2011 and batch B has production date as 21.03.2011.

The IDOC is created successfully in our system and the inbound delivery is also updated correctly with the batch split details with correct QTY. That is line item 10 has batch split line items 900001 with batch as A and QTY as 6 and line item 900002 with batch as B and QTY as 4. The issue is only with updation of date of production for each of the above batch. Both batch A & B are updated with date of production as 21.03.2011. Instead of batch A being updated with date of production as 10.02.2011 it is updated with the batch B date of production. I checked in the idoc. In the idoc each batch has correct production date. only when updating the inbound delivery it has updated wrongly.. Has any one come across similar kind of situation. ? How did u manage it?