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Mar 23, 2011 at 09:42 PM

Is anyone using CHARM in a productive environment for maintenance.


Help. I am trying to implement CHARM as a means to automate and monitor our change requests. I am very confused. We run transports through every 2 weeks. We have developers constantly making changes and they have the ability through a custom ABAP program to transport their changes into test environement and then they present the change for approval for transports for production.

Which Maintenance Normal Correction phase would allow this process. It appears that they would all require the maintenance phase to be changed to test and then production. We were hoping that we could have the developers make changes and those that are marked as tested successfully (CONSOLIDATED) would then be transported into production upon final approval. We did not want to have to go in and manually change the phases to test because developers are completing testing at various times.

Can anyone explain how they are using CHARM in their landscape.

Thanks in advance,

Tania Burningham