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Mar 23, 2011 at 09:08 PM

Questions About ArchiveLink



I wanted some technical clarification on this topic specific to the

storage of physical documents within SAP Storage DB.

In the DV1 system I have the following settings:

Content Repository - DB

Description - AAC Invoice Database

Document Area - ArchiveLink

Storage Type - R/3 database

Transfer directory - \usr\sap\DV1\SYS\global\

Basic directory - \usr\sap\DV1\SYS\global\

We plan to use this repository to store Vendor Invoices.

These invoices will be scanned as PDF documents before they are stored.

For storing the user will use transaction OAWD (Store Document).

Once they upload the document from a specific directory (Local Drive), it will store an

ArchiveLink Image in SAP DB which can be viewed through a Document Viewer within SAP.

The entire functionality of ArchiveLink is working fine.

But I needed some clarification related to storage of the physical document:

1. Where is the ArchiveLink PDF Image physically stored within SAP.

Though I have given a Transfer Directory, I do not see any documents

getting stored in that directory.

Is this a Directory for Temporal Storage until the document is Uploaded

into the Database ? - Please Clarify

2. We did some de-bugging and found the following value was used to get

the document which was already stored -



How is this value linked to a physical path in SAP.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards