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Mar 23, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Value of LOBM_VFDAT is NOT updated automatically


Dear all,

I created a class named u201CCLASS_EXPIRYDATEu201D of Class type 023 and assign a standard SAP Characteristics u201CLOBM_VFDAT u2013 Expiration date, shelf lifeu201D to this class, and maintained the class created under the "Classification‟ tab in the MM, SLED was also maintained in MM. Batch level is @ Material.

When I executed MIGO/GR(101), the expiration date(VFDAT) is updated in MCH1, but I found the value of LOBM_VFDAT wasn't updated when I check the batch information with MSC3N, is there anything I missed, pls advise, thanks.

Our version is ECC6 EHP4