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Sep 22, 2004 at 07:48 PM

Need ideas please. iView to show input parameters to BEx query.


EP6 SP2...

I need an iView that will show entry fields for the input parameters to a BEx query*.

Right now, we have 14 reports.

They all have the same input parameters.

So, I could hardcode the entry fields(but not values) in a JAVA iview.

But, is there a way to query the properties of the BEx query to return what the input parameters are?

I am trying to plan for the future, when - maybe - a BEx query has different input parms than what all of the reports have now.

*I am sure there is a snazzy interface to a BEx query already, but... The end solution is presenting the reports using Crystal Reports, not BW/BEx, etc.

Therefore, I need this parameter entry iview to set the values selected to the EPCM so that another iview (which calls the crystal report *.csp page) can grab these values (and call the report).

Maybe a little confusing, eh???