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Sep 22, 2004 at 08:06 PM

Problem installing Sneak Preview at step "Deploy SDM/J2EE"



This is not a new topic, however I think it will be better to open a new question thread.

My intention is to install "Sneak Preview Edition for SAP Web AS 6.40" which I have downloaded from SDN web site. But the installation aborts at step "Deploy SDM/J2EE" with an error.

My system is an MS Windwos XP SP 2 with 256 MB RAM. I know, RAM is less than the required but it just warns and goes on installation. So, this seems not the problem.

Isn't it just executing the installer program. What settings must I made and where are these written?

At the older thread Benny Schaih told about the SQL Server version. But what is the relation and how should I check? (too dummy???)

Here is the related log entries:

<i>INFO 2004-07-03 22:47:27


Output of D:\j2sdk\j2sdk1.4.2_02/bin/java.exe '-Xmx256M' '-jar' 'D:\usr\sap/J2E/JC00/SDM/program/bin/SDM.jar' 'deploy' 'list=D:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\j2ee-sneak-preview\install/SDAS_TO_BE_DEPLOYED.LST' 'onerror=stop' 'sdmhome=D:\usr\sap/J2E/JC00/SDM/program' 'logfile=D:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\j2ee-sneak-preview\install/callSdmViaSapinst.log' 'logtoconsole=true' is written to the logfile java.exe.log.

WARNING 2004-07-03 22:47:36


Execution of the command "D:\j2sdk\j2sdk1.4.2_02/bin/java.exe '-Xmx256M' '-jar' 'D:\usr\sap/J2E/JC00/SDM/program/bin/SDM.jar' 'deploy' 'list=D:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\j2ee-sneak-preview\install/SDAS_TO_BE_DEPLOYED.LST' 'onerror=stop' 'sdmhome=D:\usr\sap/J2E/JC00/SDM/program' 'logfile=D:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\j2ee-sneak-preview\install/callSdmViaSapinst.log' 'logtoconsole=true'" finished with return code 4. Output:


Info: ============================================

Info: = Starting to execute command 'deploy' =

Info: ============================================

Info: Starting SDM - Software Deployment Manager...

Starting SDM - Software Deployment Manager...

Info: tc/SL/SDM/SDM/ AG/6.3004.00.0000.20040204183620.0000

tc/SL/SDM/SDM/ AG/6.3004.00.0000.20040204183620.0000

Info: SDM operation mode successfully set to: Standalone

Initializing Network Manager (50017)

Info: Initializing Network Manager (50017)

Checking if another SDM is running on port 50018

Info: Checking if another SDM is running on port 50018

Info: -

Starting deployment -

Info: Loading selected archives...

Info: Loading archive 'D:\SAPWAS640\SAPinst_WAS\J2EE-CD\J2EE-ENG\JDD\J2EE_JDDSCHEMA.SDA'

Info: Loading archive 'D:\SAPWAS640\SAPinst_WAS\J2EE-CD\J2EE-ENG\JDD\SYNCLOG.SDA'


Info: Loading archive 'D:\SAPWAS640\SAPinst_WAS\J2EE-CD\J2EE-ENG\JDD\XML_DAS_SCHEMA.SDA'


Info: Selected archives successfully loaded.

Info: Actions per selected component:

Info: development component ''/''/'SAP AG'/'6.3004.00.0000.20040203163559.0000': deploy

Info: development component 'synclog'/''/'SAP AG'/'6.3004.00.0000.20040204181929.0000': useexisting

Info: development component 'tc/TechSrv/XML_DAS_Schema'/''/'SAP AG'/'6.3004.00.0000.20040204183654.0000': deploy

Info: development component ''/''/'SAP AG'/'6.3004.00.0000.20040205154511.0000': deploy

Info: development component ''/''/'SAP AG'/'6.3004.00.0000.20040205154547.0000': deploy

Info: SDM configuration: Do not automatically start/stop J2EE Engine. Do not save current state of J2EE Engine now.

Info: Error handling strategy: OnErrorStop

Info: Update strategy: UpdateLowerVersions

Info: Starting to execute deployment action (deploy) for "".

Info: Creating connections to database "J2E".

Info: Creating vendor connection to database.

Error: Creation of vendor connection failed.