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Former Member
Mar 22, 2011 at 08:01 PM

0EC_PCA_1 Delta Method...


Hi Friends,

The delta method for 0EC_PCA_1 can only be used for actual data. SAP documentation says... In an InfoPackage with Delta upload, enter the selection for actual data (0VTYPE = 010). Plan data can be transferred using a different InfoPackage in full upload.

However, the INIT load has the plan data and actual data. So What I am thinking is to do a selective deletion for the plan data from the Cube (since the INIT request is already compressed) and then perform full load (only for plan data) and update it to the Cube along with delta's for actual. Please advise if you have any other suggestions.

Also Should I be using 0EC_PCA_1 for plan data or there is any other standard datasource which can be used instead?

Thank you.