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Former Member
Mar 22, 2011 at 12:26 PM

Costs from WBS Elements to AuC´s duplicated after settlement


Dear Experts,

After settling WBS elements (including networks below the WBS elements), the actual costs in CJI3 appear as a negative amount in the project accounts items, but appears as a positive amount in the GL accounts.

The problem is that the project accounts are now in zero, while the AuC´s accounts are correct. Is this correct functionality? For reporting reasons, I wouldn´t thought so.

Also, in CJI3, the amount in the GL accounts is statistical (11) while the amount in the project accounts is real (4), which I think its wrong (having statistical values after settlement - they should be real).

This is also duplicating the actual costs in one of our Z reports, as it considers value type 11 and 4.

I was thinking of reversing the settlement and settle it again (as I have done tests and I cannot replicate the problem), but the periods are already closed.

What do you suggest I do?