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Mar 21, 2011 at 09:41 PM

Any way to change the ESS Summary Screen and reimbursement amount?


Hi All,

We are on ECC 6.0, EHP4 and using ESS.

Employee's have a company paid corporate card but employees are allowed to enter 'out of pocket' transactions so that they may be reimbursed for cab fares, parking, tips, or other situations that require cash.

We have a problem with these 'out of pocket' entries on the summary screen in ESS (and in PR05 for that matter but we don't use PR05). This might also be known as the 'Review and Send' screen. The Summary section displays Total Paid reciepts, Mileage Reimbursement (if any), Total Travel Expenses, Paid by Company, Amount Reimbursed and Amount Paid Out.

When a user enters one of these 'out of pocket' expenses we exepect them to be reimbursed for this amount. The FI and Payroll postings do reflect this requirement but the summary screen does not show it. I have determined how to update the summary screen in the ABAP code but there is no user-exit or the like to actually make the alterations. Does anyone know what fields control how the system determines what is to be reimbursed? I have tried making updates to the reciept data using interface: IF_EX_TRIP_WEB_CHECK but haven't had any luck. I was hoping changing PTRV_UTIL_BELEG-CFIRMA (paid by company) would make a difference or some other value in PTRV_UTIL_BELEG. If there is some combination I have not been able to figure it out.

Any help or direction is appreciated.