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How to find/sort comments in the long Coffee Corner discussions?

Maybe it's just me but I've been struggling to follow some longer conversations in the Coffee Corner. All the comments are only displayed in the "tree" hierarchy structure and there is no sorting available. So when a new comment (usually it's on another comment) is added somewhere in the middle of the conversation it is practically impossible to find.

How are we supposed to manage these discussions? Some old SCN champions like "It's Friday!" went on for years and for dozens of pages. Is New SCN not supposed to have long conversations?

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4 Answers

  • Dec 12, 2016 at 11:24 PM

    Think of it like programming. If a function is more than a page long, it is hard to understand so you refactor it. The same applies here. If a discussion has too many comments, break out the sub-threads into separate discussions...

    For avoidance of all doubt -

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  • Dec 14, 2016 at 06:27 AM

    I can't remember - did we get any pagination for new Coffee Corner discussions?

    We don't have good examples yet and Beta feels like ages ago...

    If there is no pagination, I think, you will need first to load the whole discussion... by pressing the BBB (Big Blue Button) to load more items.Then CTRL+F and search for the name of the member, who made the latest modifications (repeat until you get a timestamp, which looks recent). Of course, not all comments are viewable by all members, which means that you will waste time in some cases.

    If there is pagination, the procedure is the same, just you need to load each page and search separately.

    There are some possible options - moderators splitting discussions, forum members stopping to use comment on comments and instead add a link or quote the text, SAP team scrapping the comment/answer concept and switching back to flat view.

    I am too old to believe in promises and good intentions - the most likely outcome is that moderators will split the biggest discussions in Coffee Corner manually from time to time.

    On the other hand, we get less activity in the new site and the Coffee Corner is not an exception, which means it will be many months or 1-2 years until we get a really long thread like"It's Friday!", if ever.

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    • I know... it's not like moderators have nothing else to do...

      What if the person, who designed the solution, gets this as a task to handle?

      It is very educational, I have seen these tactics doing wonders with key users :)

  • Dec 14, 2016 at 07:20 PM

    I have not seen any pagination in the CC discussions yet. I wish at least I knew what I'm searching, in many cases there is way more than 1 follow-up comment since my last visit. And bizarro time stamps are not helping. :(

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  • Feb 13, 2017 at 05:18 PM

    Update. This continues to be major pain in the back. In the discussion list, I can see "X replied N hours ago" but there is no way to navigate to that reply.

    I found a workaround by using Ctrl-F for "hours" but, unfortunately, it does not work when the comment is hidden under "Show more comments". Also after a weekend, most recent replies could be days back, so it doesn't work either.

    Is it not possible to have an option for "flat" display of discussions, simply in chronological order? Every post has a timestamp somewhere anyway, so why is this a problem to provide such simple view? I really don't care who replied to whom, I just want to see all the comments since my last visit. Currently it's not feasible.

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