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Mar 21, 2011 at 03:06 PM

Problem with bex query listing sales "this month" and "same month last year



I've created a query in BW BEx, where I have a mandatory variable for 0calmonth, and I list 0material and sales (in volume, liter). And I have a restricted key figure giving me sales (volume in liter) restricted with 0calmonth = variable - 12, to give me the sale for the same month the user select, previous year.

This seems to be working, the sum is correct, but when adding up the number for the sales in the month previous year, the numbers does not fit the sum in the end.

I think the report only lists materials with sales the month selected in the variable, if a material has not been sold that month, but in the same month last year, it's not listed in the reports, but it's added in the sum in the end.


We have three records like this:

material - calmonth - volume

101 - 01.2010 - 5

101 - 01.2011 - 8

201 - 01.2010 - 7

The report will give the following (calmonth variable = 01.2011)

Material - volume this month - volume same month last year

101 - 8 - 5

Sum 8 - 12

Any way to solve this issue? We noticed because we run BO - Webi on top of the BEx query, and BO sum's the values per material, and in webi the report would give us the sum 8 and 5.

Any input is appreciated.