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Mar 21, 2011 at 01:29 PM

List values refresh


Halo experts,

I have a simple problem but difficult to solve for report

I have 3 list boxes say p_list1 p_list2 p_list3

Depending on the values of p_list1 the p_list2 (list box domain) and p_list3 (list boxdomain)values are filled up.I am doing the same using FM VRM_SET_VALUES . This is coming correctly.

But the problem is

If the user selects a diiferenct value in p_list1 and press enter the screen valuews in p_list2 and p_list3 should be refreshed( along the list box domain values )

.So I am doing like below.

perform clear_list2_n_list3_values." Which clears all the list1 and list2  screen values a.
perform set_list2_n_list3_values."ehich sets the list2 and list3 values depending on list1 valee

This i am writing in at selection screen output event.

Now when variant comes this becomes a problem and you cannot clear this values.

More ever when the user presses back from the report output all the values are getting refereshed ( this should not be ). Is there any way to identify that the user has pressed back from the report output?