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Mar 21, 2011 at 12:06 PM

InfoSet Query displaying multiple characteristics



I am trying to display multiple characteristics of my Equipment master. I can display only one characteristic and the second characteristic is display on 2nd row instead of a 2nd column.

Note: The reason I am using infoset query because I am also display some additional fields from Partner Tables (name, address, phone etc). Therefore can't use standard equipment report.

How can I create a infoset report to display two columns, one for each characteristic Value?

For Example:

Vehicle is created as Equipment, which has characteristics Vehicle_Color and Vehicle_Type.

I would like to display report like below

Equipment number | Vehicle_Colour | Vehicle_Type

12345678 |White | Sedan

But I am currently getting only one column to display but two rows one for each characteristic

Equipment number | Characteristic Value

12345678 |White

12345678 |Sedan

Please help,..Thanks in advance