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Mar 21, 2011 at 10:01 AM

storage and carrying charges



Company services customer material and charges for services, storage and carrying.

My scenario service charges can be maintained in order.

I need to maintain storagecharges in delivery document= Days between order date and PGI should be considered and should be charged according to quantity(kgs), think i need to take help of abaper for routine, i need advice whether to write alternative condition base value or alt calc type. What are the fileds i need to maintain in condition table to maintain condition record.?

Carrying charges in delivery document= Should be charged based upon delivery quantity and what are the fields need to be maintained for condition records in condition table.

These storage charges has to be added as revenue in billing document along with the service charges. where as carrying charges has to be invoiced as a seperate line item in invoice(f2).

Could any body explain me how do i need to maintain. do i need to maintain seperate pricing procedures or,dly,F2. and what need to be done if pricing elements to be copied from order and delivery to F2. as i mentioned above.