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iPad and Sybase

While trying to address scalability concerns (the other thread I opened), I was obviously faced with Sybase UP.

Documentation is all very dense. It says it supports the iOS, but:

- Does it support persistence of data? Does it use SQLite directly, CoreData?

- Does it share CoreData concepts, where you just save the context, and it tracks changes for you (i.e next time you sync, the changes will be replicated automatically);

- Most important, is any trial available? I have a SAP Service Marketplace login, but the SUP Personal edition is not available (I tried to go through some blogs, but without getting my hands dirty I can't get the feel).

I trying to find out how I could change my applications to use SUP, but if no trial is available I guess a lot of SAP consultants will not embrase Sybase.

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Mar 21, 2011 at 12:50 PM

    Hi Joao,

    i wouldn't expect an official SAP response in the forum. it's simply too competitive a subject for this medium. i would try a couple other things:

    1. contact your account manager and press for answers.

    2. open SAP customer message and again ask your questions there.

    3. write a blog showing what you have done so far, and ask for next steps.

    4. get in touch with others who are working on this technology: Kevin Benedict, Mario Herger, Paul Aschmann come to mind and i would contact them directly (i apologize for omitting others who have helped me in the past).

    5. after trying those steps let me know if you have made any progress and i will join you in pushing this forward.

    Best regards,


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  • author's profile photo Former Member
    Former Member
    Posted on Mar 24, 2011 at 08:46 AM

    Hi Joao,

    SUP "partly" supports iOS, which means that the basic business logic (including the data structure = the MBOs) is done within the SUP environment, based in Eclipse. After the MBOs were defined, they can be transfered to an XCode project - along with some basic SUP API - to do the implementation of the iOS-specific things like UI or native device functions.

    To answer you questions:

    - AFAIK, SUP comes with an own database component (since Sybase originally was a database company). You won't need CoreData.

    - Yes, it covers the whole bunch of features regarding sync, data integrity and offline data management. That is one of the main things that SUP will do for you.

    - Unfortunately, no classical "trial" is available. You'll need a software test agreement with Sybase which allows you to test it for about 30 days. In germany, this if free of charge, but i don't know about those things in other countries.

    Once you've installed the software set you need for a "local" development, Sybase gives you a bunch of very nice virtual trainings, which really give a good chance to ramp-up yourself.

    Just "porting" your applications to SUP won't be a promising approach, i suppose you need to start from the scratch - and maybe there are some parts which can be taken from your existing code then...

    Just to be mentioned: I'm not an SAP guy, and i'm not a Sybase guy. I'm just quite in the same situation, but maybe some steps ahead...



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