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Mar 20, 2011 at 07:42 PM

Data in sgQueue does not get released



I am encountering serious performance issues on the system.

My send governor settings is at the moment as follows.

Maxcells_threadSG = 1000000

Interval_Check_send = 3000

Thread_Maxnum_sg = 1

UnitPer_SP = 1000000

I am having issues where my sgQueue table builds a backlog and the data

does not get released. All packages are "hanging" and when I submit

data it just says processing.

All data is in a locked state, because I can see the lckTable have data

in it. as well as the sgTables get full.

at the moment I have a sg0 and sg1 table.

I also set the commit value parameter on the application set to

1000000, the default is 120000.

The only way to release the data is with a sg governor reset. This is

causing a lot of frustration on the users side, and then they need to

redo the work they have just completed.

There is a lot of concurrency when running updating of data by script


It works fine for about 4-5 hours, and then all start hanging. then I

do the sg reset and they can work again for a while.

There is definitely something strange going on.

We are working on 2 application servers, and 1 database server. the

data base server is running on 24 Processors and 32Gig of Ram.

There was at most 10 users on the system for the whole of today, and

the way the system handles the load is definitly a problem.

Is there any help on this?

I did all the configuration as per the master install guide for best