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Mar 20, 2011 at 06:15 AM

Default Settings value unable to save in Professional SC in SRM7.0


Hi Experts,

We are configuring SRM7.0 with ECC6 ( Ehp4) having Classic Scenario

In Professional SC in SRM7.0 we have a good option of Default Settings - Set values. Here the respetive User can save his frequntly used partmeters and no need to enter /change in SC item level everytime. But this functionality is not working properly.

1.When I set and save some value say Delivery Address (by reseting address came from user Attribute) and then add Items in Sc then it pick up this new Delivery address, but when I go to create another Shopping cart and see my newly define address is not there and it is same the original address (which comes from user Attribute) .

Why it is not saved permanantly in default setting ?

2.. Continue to above ....After I deleted Attribute ADDR_SHIPT from User Attribute in Org structure , it is saving in default setting, but still system taking Company code address as delivry address in SRM Shopping Cart . Why system is behaving like this ?

Actually we are maintaining Delivery Address at Storage Location level in ECC and so Shopping cart ( and hence Classic PO craeted from it) should have same address . Number of Storage Location are 4000 approx and in SRM7.0 , we maintain address at Company code level , so that is issue..there may be some restriction to add Number of Delivery address at Copmany code level ( again one twist.. we are using Centralised pur. Org in ECC and so in SRM we shuld not assign Pur. Org to Comnpany code..)...delievy address in Classic PO , Shopping cart and Popdircetly created in ECC must have same delievy address to that of storage Location ! ( i know in SRM 7.01 we will be able to set Delivery address at User level, but issue is with SRM 7.0)

Can someone suggest /guide me on this .